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Meet author Lesa Melnyczuk 

Lesa is one of few Australian Ukrainian Holodomor/Genocide 1932-1933 researchers publishing in Australia. Based in Western Australia I have always been passionate about history, education, information technology learning skills development and problem solving. My skills are predominantly from the information science skills, technology and educational management sectors. These dynamic skills are the basis of all forms of future work no matter the discipline. It is clear that they have taken me into many different professional areas of work whilst completing the research and publications about the Ukrainian Holodomor.

My latest Holodomor publication was launched 25th November 2018.
Latest writing as a children's author with soft Historical writing:

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Lesa's books


Baba's Chooks                        Baba Stefka
                                                   and the Magic Chook

Baba's Chooks 
           Tell Your Own Story                    

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Book launch & exclusive audio flipbook

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