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Budgie is back!

Kubbie the Koala is in a pickle. He didn’t listen to Mum’s warning not to go  to the tall gum tree today and now a raging bushfire is dangerously close.

Kubbie is all alone at the top of the tree…and he’s never been so afraid. There’s a big parrot overhead. Perhaps that will help him. But wait…that’s no parrot. 
It’s Budgie, the super hero helicopter who always comes to the rescue. Kubbie’s heard the stories. Now it’s his turn to be saved by Budgie and his sidekick Snowy.

Young readers are sure to delight in Budgie’s first Down Under adventure that will leave them wondering who the little helicopter will rescue next.
A new addition to the popular series by Sarah, Duchess of York.

Meet Sarah, Duchess of York

Sarah, Duchess of York is a global humanitarian, businesswoman, best-selling children's book author, producer and wellness advocate.

The Duchess has published over 55 books including two autobiographies and titles dealing with health, empowerment, history, art, as well as many children's stories. Books with Serenity Press include The Enchanted Oak Tree, Genie Gems and Arthur Fantastic, Budgie the Little Helicopter Rescues Kubbie the Koala and A Gift of Kindness. Four books from the original Helping Hands series have been re-released. Other children's books include the series of Budgie the Little Helicopter, adapted into a highly successful animated series on US primetime Fox and the children's book Tea for Ruby, published by Simon and Schuster which had its debut at the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

20% from the sales of Duchess Serenity Press collection goes directly to Sarah's Trust. (www.sarahstrust.com).

Meet illustrator Tiina Morton

 Tiina Morton is the strategy driven designer behind Possum Design Studio.

I believe that Branding and Marketing both lean on the same strategic backbone. If you get the fundamentals right then you can build an ongoing cohesive narrative that is crystal clear and connects with your customers.

Tiina has also had the opportunity of illustrating some books commissioned by Serenity Press and written by Sarah, Duchess of York.

You find out more about Tiina Morton here 

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