Trade & Distribution

Wholesale and retail inquiries

If you are a retailer, we would love to work with you on stocking our beautiful books. We offer generous discount terms to bookstores and distributors. We encourage you to view our catalogue and get to know our current and forthcoming titles.

To find out more, visit our Contact page or click the button below. Alternatively, just click on the button to complete the Trade Order form and send it to

If you are a distributor, please email us at to discuss how we can make this happen.


A bookshop discount applies to Australian bookshop orders of between 5 and 25 books.

  • Orders of 5 to 9 books attract  45% off RRP but shipping charges apply depending on the amount of books. 

  • Orders of 10 - 25 books attract 45% off RRP discount plus free delivery.

  • Orders of 26-50 books attract 50% off RRP plus free delivery.

  • Orders of 51+ books attract 55%  off RRP plus free delivery. 

Payment Methods


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