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Meet author Donna Wright 

I grew up near the base of the Stirling Ranges, Southern WA and have been farming in the Central Wheatbelt since 1990 alongside my husband Charlie and three children. My family is growing with partners and grandchildren. I have spent over 30 years in the WA Education Department in several different roles. I have a strong understanding and genuine passion for the social, emotional, and mental development of children and young adults. I practice Reiki and enjoy developing my knowledge in crystal healing.  Hence the writing and publishing of my first children’s book, IF LOU CAN THEN YOU CAN where I have blended my learnings and experiences through working with children to empower them to find their MAGIC WITHIN.

Bringing a little magic into anyone’s life especially children’s makes it exciting and intriguing. Through using a crystal to bring out the power of inner -strength and self-belief gives control to the reader to make the choice they want and allows them to believe. IF LOU CAN THEN YOU CAN demonstrates how simple it is to make your own choice by using some mindfulness and visualisation. I have also included protective behaviour language and early warning signs which encourages further discussion and comments.

Recently I visited ten rural schools and read the book to children ranging in age from 4 to 12 years and I was overwhelmed in how all ages loved it. The young ones loved the magic concept and finding the hidden crystal and the older students enjoyed discussing the ability to choose their pathway by using their inner strength and taking time out to breath and think before reacting. Every child could relate to the early warning signs and gave examples when and where they can appear.

The twist to this book is choosing which character is LOU!!!! A gender-neutral book where the reader can decide which LOU they want to be and there is no use of the words ‘he or she’.

If Lou Can Then YOU Can

This book helps girls and boys find their inner strength and happiness within, by learning how to be in control of their own choices which best suits them. On the way they will have fun finding the hidden protective crystal which will keep them safe when needed.

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Video & Book Launch

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