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Alphabet Job Buddies


Alphabet Job Buddies, written by Karen Weaver, is an excellent children’s book as it is educational and also fun to read! Each letter of the alphabet is shared in order in the book with each letter having its own page to introduce an occupation that begins with the letter. For example, A is for Alex the Astronaut. The person and the occupation is then introduced and described on the page in text that is written in rhyme. A variety of occupations are introduced, including a bricklayer, a golfer, a journalist, and a vet. There are pictures that correspond with the text as well.
Alphabet Job Buddies is a wonderful book to introduce occupations to children, and also help teach and reinforce the alphabet as well. I was pleasantly surprised as to the content of this book as this is not a typical alphabet book of stating the letter and a word or two that begin with the letter; and it is also more than just listing off occupations. This book shares information about the jobs that are introduced and there are a couple of sentences for each one. Also, being that the text is written in rhyme, it is catchy and holds a child’s attention. The illustrations are geared toward children as well and they will enjoy seeing an individual dressed appropriately for his or her occupation. This will help children visually connect the occupation with the written description. I highly recommend this book for children and it would be an excellent resource to be used in introducing children to careers at a young age. 

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