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Love Under Fire


Also available as an eBook from Amazon, iBook, Nook, and Kobo. 


British government black ops agent, Remy Cross and his team are sent into a small jungle nation caught up in a government coup to rescue an aid worker, the daughter of a powerful politician.


The assignment appears straight forward, until Remy meets his very stubborn mission objective. She comes with baggage, literally, and she refuses to leave without it.

Astrid James only ever wanted to help people. Now she's locked in a sprawling mansion with two orphaned children, in the middle of a warzone, wearing only a white satin evening dress. To make matters worse, she just attacked the man sent to rescue her.


Remy knows he only has three days to negotiate the treacherous jungle terrain and reach the rendezvous point. With a gorgeous, hot-headed, barefoot heiress and two tiny babies in tow, what could possibly go wrong?


Love Under Fire is the prequel to the Love Under Fire series.


AUTHOR: Carolyn Wren

ISBN: 9780648146667
Series: Love Under Fire
Format: Paperback, 60pp
Also available as an eBook on all platforms.

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