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Amity Clark finds a photograph in her late mother’s possessions.  Thinking it could be the father she never knew, she posts it online, having no idea of the terrible consequences to such an innocent act.  When her workplace building explodes, Amity is trapped in the wreckage terrified and hurt.  Help seems close at hand as one courageous man crawls through the rubble, pulling her to safety. But he tells her to run and hide instead of going to the authorities.

Peter Sinclair has one mission, to protect Amity.  Injured in the explosion, he must find a safe place to guard her until the scheduled rendezvous.  Amity is the only child of a dangerous government agent with many enemies, who are now looking for her, seeking vengeance for his past sins.

Despite the intense attraction that forms between them, Peter knows in order to set her free, he must send Amity on her way to begin a new life, without him. 

Memory of Love