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Passion in Flames


Also available as an eBook from Amazon, iBook, Nook, and Kobo. 


Simon Winters has a reputation for undertaking adrenalin-filled assignments. But even thrill-seekers need some down time. After an arduous desert mission, he asks for a more enjoyable assignment. Preferably involving a beautiful woman and a fast car.


Dr Elizabeth Barrett’s life was peaceful and methodical until someone tried to burn down her research laboratory with her inside. Now she has to contend with a handsome, flirtatious agent living in her home, who has an annoying habit of putting her in more perilous situations than he keeps her out of.


The danger escalates as a straightforward mission turns deadly. Someone wants Beth and her research dead.


Will the charismatic agent and his sexy scientist escape with their hearts, and their lives, intact?


Passion in Flames is Book 2 in the Love Under Fire series. The prequel is Love Under Fire.


ISBN: 978-0-64-831167-6

Author: Carolyn Wren

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