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Ribbons of Love


DUE: MARCH 31, 2018 


Also available as an eBook from Amazon, iBook, Nook, and Kobo. 


Someone is tying yellow ribbons on to the front door of Serendipity Bridal Boutique. But who? And why?


Nell is caught between now and the days when she waited for her fiancé Stan to return from war. Her daughter Fiona watches helplessly as Nell confuses past and present, convinced she is preparing for the wedding that took place years earlier.


When it transpires that Nell has been tying ribbons of love onto the door of the bridal boutique, the boutique’s owner invites Nell to visit the salon and search for the perfect dress, against Fiona’s better judgement.


This heartfelt story asks whether love can keep someone grounded when their grip on life is slipping away.


This novelette originally appeared in our A Bouquet of Love anthology.


AUTHOR: Barbara Gurney


Also available as an eBook on all platforms

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