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Meet the brave young women from tales of yore ...


Vasilisa who must try to outwit the fearsome witch Baba-Yaga. Katie Crackernuts who sets out to save her sister from dark magic. Flora, the gardener's daughter, who marries a giant serpent to save a prince. Fairer-Than-A-Fairy, a princess who is kidnapped by an evil one-eyed enchantress. Lullala, in love with a prince cursed to be a lion by day and a man by night. Rosemary, a Scottish lass whose baby is stolen by the wicked faery folk of the Sidhe. Ursula, a princess replaced by a walking, talking automaton. These are not your usual passive princess, waiting forlornly for their prince to come ...



ISBN: 978-0-6481030-5-9
Audience: Teenager / Young Adult 
Format: Hardcover, 104pp


Vasilisa the Wise and Other Tales of Brave Young Women

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